Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. Nina Jones

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Guelph
Canada Research Chair

Research Staff

Dr. Laura New

Research Associate
2014 – present

Peihua Lu, MSc

Lab Manager
2014 – present

Alyssa Campbell, MSc

Laboratory Technician
2023 – present

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Begüm Alural

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Feb 2020 – present

Graduate Students

Casey Williamson

PhD Candidate
Role of Nck and Nephrin Signaling in Diabetes

Hayley Smith

PhD Student
Role of ShcD in Breast Cancer

Erka Shata

PhD Student
Role of Nck in Breast Cancer

Hyeyun Yang

PhD Student
Investigation of ShcD in Cognition

Cassandra Clausen

MSc Student
ShcD in Oligodendrocytes

Una Pantic

MSc Student
Role of Nck in podocytes

Alice Wang

MSc Student
ARHGEF10 in the Podocyte

Emma Pearen

MSc Student
Nectin-2 in podocytes

Undergraduate Students

Justin Chamberlain

Fourth year project student F23-W24

Kara Cook

Fourth year project student F23-W24