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Welcome to the Jones Lab

Welcome to our Cell Signalling Lab

Research in our laboratory is focused on defining eukaryotic signal transduction pathways, and investigating how mutations in components of these pathways can contribute to human diseases such as kidney disease and cancer. Our research team investigates questions related to these pathways using an interdisciplinary approach which includes modern mouse genetic tools, cell culture models, high-resolution microscopy, large-scale profiling techniques and clinical specimens. 

Signal transduction is a central process in multicellular organisms that allows for the exchange of informational cues between and within cells. These cues are interpreted by organized networks of protein interactions inside the cell which regulate complex biochemical events, ultimately converting them into biological responses such as growth, migration, differentiation and survival. Cells have evolved a tremendous ability to selectively activate specific downstream pathways through the formation of distinct protein complexes. Understanding the molecular basis of these interactions is a significant challenge in biology, and it is of key importance in defining how specific mutations can lead to pathological conditions such as kidney disease and cancer.

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